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Coaching through uncertainty – that is the priority now!

Coaching through uncertainty – that is the priority now!

How do you keep yourself, your staff, your team feeling OK in a time of great uncertainty? Back in March, we all adapted to a ‘lockdown’ life; we made the changes asked of us, we changed our working practices, we worked from home, we shopped less or online, we waved at people rather than shaking… Continue Reading

The absolutely perfect time to finally get some training and a qualification in coaching is NOW!

Yes…the absolutely perfect time to finally get some training and a qualification in coaching is NOW! Have you been thinking about coaching, either learning about it for the first time or getting better at it? Are you called upon to coach others in your job role? Perhaps you have been on a coaching course and… Continue Reading

Supporting Staff to Transition Out of Lockdown

Tips for Planning for the ‘New Normal’ Part 1! Eight weeks of lockdown have impacted every one of us, there have been gains and losses. Having coped with the adjustment to lockdown we are now being asked to change again, to ease out of lockdown and transition to ‘New Normal’. Manager attention must now turn… Continue Reading


Key point – it is really not that different to face to face, you can still see people, read body language, pick up emotional cues so try to relax about the idea that virtual coaching (or mentoring) is anything less than in person!   FIVE TIPS Get yourself completely ready in advance – that means… Continue Reading

Top Ten Tips for Coaching Your People Through Covid- 19

TEN TIPS FOR MANAGERS ON COACHING YOUR PEOPLE THROUGH COVID-19 Recognise that this is a Change Process and apply the strategies you have used successfully to manage change in the past It is useful to look at the ‘Change Curve’ based on the work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross on Death and Dying – recognise that people… Continue Reading

New Website Launch and ILM Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring Open Course in London October 2019

This weekend we launched our new website, we are focusing of three key areas ILM qualifications in Coaching and Mentoring, ILM qualifications in Leadership & Management and bespoke Training and Coaching services, do look around. If you are a regular or previous visitor you should notice some changes and a brighter, cleaner look and feel.… Continue Reading

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