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Are you an experienced coach looking for the next step? Is it in your plans to become a Coach Supervisor?

Are you an experienced coach looking for the next step? Is it in your plans to become a Coach Supervisor?

The ILM level 7 Coaching Supervisors qualification is available, accessible, and doable in this virtual world!

Many coaches, especially those working with executives, leaders and senior staff, develop their craft over many years and value their own supervision.

In the past decade coaching supervision has become recognised good practice and is seen as an integral part of good coaching practice providing a safe space for coaches to review, reflect on their practice and continue to develop.

ILM created their first coaching supervisor qualification several years ago and this was updated in 2018 as part of the last review.

Experienced coaches might be thinking about using lockdown as a chance to develop their skills, knowledge and services

Information about the level 7 Certificate /Diploma in Coaching Supervision

  • You can complete the whole qualification virtually – we can train you virtually, we can support and assess you throughout without physical meeting
  • You can deliver coaching supervision virtually too – yes, the way we are all working now works for supervision too and, if things change along the way, you can introduce face-to-face work to your supervisees
  • QED offers a completely flexible service, if we can gather trainee supervisors together for training and the same time great, if not we can deliver to you timetable and target dates
  • Payment, we offer instalments to all ILM candidates, you can agree a plan with us in advance
  • Timescales, we’d say 9-12 months would be a good timetable to consider for achieving the ILM level 7 Certificate for Coaching Supervisors, however the Diploma would take a bit longer, again this is flexible, you can move faster if you can allocate time and have supervisees to work with

QED offers Intro to Coaching as an online programme, plus blended learning courses for ILM level 3, 5 and 7 in coaching & Executive Coaching.

If you’d like to discuss any of QED’s coaching programmes in more detail, you can email us at or call us on 0800 0938 419

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