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Midsummer – time to review and plan

So this weekend we passed the midsummer point. I always use this time of the year to review my goals, business and personal, take stock and start planning ahead for the Autumn.


Knowing that lots of clients will be taking their summer break soon, it is important to be preparing in advance so that you can truly rest when you get that well earned holiday.
This year we have two new projects starting so it looks like the summer will be quite busy, an interesting first line manager programme for 30 staff in a high growth organisation in Brighton and a new coaching development programme for a regular public sector client, exciting.


So my three tips for your Midsummer Review are:


1) Take an honest look at the first 6 months, highs and lows, what needs to change? (Don’t forget to use real data)

2) Collect some client feedback – if you haven’t already done so create a system which gives you the data you need when you need it

3) Add Value – what can you do in the next 6 months that will make this a GREAT year? What can you add, improve and develop that will have your clients singing your praises?


Remember we offer individual personal and business coaching if you need a hand with the above – we can help you meet and exceed your goals

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