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Mentoring…… the UK needs more trained mentors! ILM responds with more Mentoring Qualifications……

Yes the ILM has expanded its’ qualifications to fully embrace Mentoring!

Perhaps this is a response to the recession, perhaps it’s what is happening in organisations but it means that we have more qualifications to offer clients.

In 2004 when QED became a pilot centre for the new the ILM Coaching and Mentoring qualifications our focus was mostly on coaching. At level three the qualifications available only covered coaching and the level five combined the two disciplines however most of the candidate’s interest was in coaching and our team’s focus was in developing coaches and coaching cultures in organisations.

Gradually Mentoring has been coming up on the sidelines as a key skills that is si8milar but different to coaching and has a real and valid place in our organisations and businesses.

A few weeks ago ILM responded, we now have a fully integrated Coaching and Mentoring Certificate at level 3 and two mentoring only qualifications – an Award and a Certificate, all of which fit into the QCF framework.

This summer I will be writing the online learning modules for the mentoring qualifications to add to our E-learning website

In summary this is what is now available through QED and ILM: –

At Level 3

Award in Workplace Coaching
Certificate for Professional Workplace Coaches
Certificate in Workplace Coaching and Mentoring
Award and Certificate in Workplace Mentoring

At Level 5

Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in Management
Diploma for Professional Management Coaches and Mentors

At Level 7

Certificate in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring
Diploma for Professional Executive Coaches and Leadership Mentors

I think this recognises the importance of managers having a range of tools they can use to enable staff to fulfil their potential for their own self-development and the good of the business…. Doing less with more, that’s what we all have to focus on now !

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