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Group Supervision for Coaches

Group Supervision for Coaches

Why should Coaches engage in Group supervision? Group Supervision for coaches can offer several benefits. Here are some key advantages: Diverse Perspectives: Group supervision provides coaches with the opportunity to interact and learn from other professionals in the field. The diverse perspectives and experiences within the group can offer fresh insights, alternative approaches, and different… Continue Reading

How to stay in Peak Performance as an Executive Coach

How to stay in Peak Performance as an Executive Coach

Staying at peak performance as an executive coach requires a combination of maintaining personal well-being, continually developing your skills and knowledge, and effectively managing your coaching practice. Here are some tips to help you achieve and sustain peak performance: Self-Care and Well-being: As an executive coach, your own well-being is crucial because it directly impacts… Continue Reading

Focus on Leadership and Management Programmes

Time and again we see in the news where current leaders have failed to undertake their role competently, think Paul Flowers of the Co-op!   At QED we pride ourselves in offering full range of programmes in this area, accredited or bespoke that meet individual requirements and organisational objectives. Our accredited programmes are ILM (Institute… Continue Reading

Midsummer – time to review and plan

So this weekend we passed the midsummer point. I always use this time of the year to review my goals, business and personal, take stock and start planning ahead for the Autumn.   Knowing that lots of clients will be taking their summer break soon, it is important to be preparing in advance so that… Continue Reading

Train to Gain, Skills South East

This is the latest update on funding available to employers for training their staff through Train to Gain, Skills South East. If you are a business in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, or Isle of Wight and are looking to access funding to train your staff you can now apply for: Business Leaders 4.5 Available from… Continue Reading

Did you know that Government Funding is available for Management Training?

Having spoken to Learning and Skills Councils, Business Links and Train2Gain representatives I am keen to share my new found knowledge regarding government funding that is on offer for management development and training. Team Leaders, Line Managers, Senior Managers through to Chief Executives can access funding throughout Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire via Train to… Continue Reading

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